Balancing risk, resources and requirements

Businesses today operate in a highly complex environment where information risk cannot be eliminated, but it can be managed. Organizations readily appreciate that risk considerations have extended beyond finance to embrace strategic, operational, reputation, regulatory and information issues and that organizational effectiveness requires an improved understanding of the risks material to them.

Effective cyber security and information risk management therefore assume critical importance, providing strategic benefits and competitive advantage. Cyber security and Information Risk Management at CipherQuest helps you manage these risks and assess, design, and maintain security and controls that are aligned with your organization’s business goals.

Why choose us?


Our ability to meet our client’s requirements derives from extensive operational experience and years of providing cyber security consultancy services to organizations across the world.


Our consultants are all highly qualified and skilled individuals with business and technical acumen. We understand that technical aptitude without the requisite skills to interpret and communicate that knowledge in a meaningful way is of little use.


We take a risk-based approach to information security to ensure organizations balance business requirements and resources against risk within a framework of established standards and regulations.